In these times of extremes, how can we stay centered?
In the face of uncertainty, how can we be resilient?
Amongst such destruction, how can we regenerate?

We need each other! Your voice, your friendship, 
your service invoke magic and miracles. 

Thursday 7th May to Sunday 10th May (Friday 8th May is a Bank Holiday) 2020 at Osho Leela
Centre, DORSET


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We live in mythical times. Noah's Ark, Al-Malhama Al-Kubra, Kali Yuga - all spiritual paths have described apocalyptic scenes where 'water will be land, and land will be water.' Today, what once was myth is now the reality in our newspapers, scientific reports and global protests. With increased wildfires, drought, flooding and storms, we can see for ourselves that so many beings face physical extinction.
This year's Bhakti Gathering will offer our love and thanks to Annapurna Devi Ma, the goddess of food. By her grace we will nourish our souls. And we will also plant a symbolic tree in the grounds of Osho Leela.

Join us for four days of dawn to dusk chanting, ceremony & friendship. Whilst we regenerate the earth, our hearts are regenerated.
Together, let's play our part.

The Bhakti Gathering is inspired by the example of wise beings who demonstrated how to tackle life's challenges. During our time together, each ordinary action becomes a ritual of thanksgiving, transforming the daily 'grind' into a coming home to our highest selves and to each other.  

Please join us to spend some precious time together. It is possible to experience exquisite joy and expand our capacity for love even in these most challenging of times . . . and through this, to have the courage to act in service and solidarity as change makers.

Beltane Bhakti

Gathering 2019

Kirtan whallahs from

❤️The Babaji Temple Singers

❤️Cowherd Boys❤️

❤️ Shivani Mata

❤️Tabla Tom and Thrisha


Jai Krishna❤️

Harisudha and Durga Das ❤️

❤️ Shivapriya ❤️

and the event is inspired by

Haidakandi Babaji’s teachings.