Myra Heemskerk


While the bhakti spirit is fully thriving during this gathering, the womancicle will provide a space and structure to release, unload and unfold yourself within the peacefull presence of sisters.

Come as you are, no spiritual explenations, just as you are on this moment. Learning new ways to listen and express. In order to relate to each other as beautifull unique creatures, united by our intention to embrace life.

About Myra Heemskerk Woman, mother, dance/movement therapist, born and living in the Netherlands. I am passionate about human relations. Especially since 7 years ago when I learned non violent communication. And when I experienced somebody truly holding empathic space for me.

Wow, I was shocked and directly in love at the power of this magnificent simple act of being there for another. I lead sociocratic meetings, give holistic massages, empathy sessions, and host sauna sister events including womancircles.