Mantra Choir


The unique beauty of Mantra Choir is that anyone and everyone, young and old, regardless of musical ability can take part and in less and create a beautiful unified sound! It is a wonderful experience for all involved.
The first part will be Fun Drumming with over 50 people drumming together - no previous experience required.
Following on from that we will have Mantra Choir - a structured way of singing a mantra together - fun and powerful with so many voices!

The facilitator, Jayadev John Richardson has been the drummer with 70's glam rock band The Rubettes since they hit the top of the UK pop charts in 1974 with their debut single "Sugar Baby Love". He still performs with The Rubettes to present day attracting huge crowds all over Europe.
Jayadev left the band for a time during the 80's and 90's and became a Hare Krishna devotee. His love of music remained a huge part of his life and he soon began to use his musical talent in his devotional life. He has written and recorded several spiritual albums and has performed his music in temples and at festivals around the globe for a number of years.
In April 2010 Jayadev launched Mantra Choir. His plan initially was to create 108 Mantra Choirs around the world, he achieved this goal by 2014 and the number is now in excess of 150.
Please join in!