Dr Kamaraj

YANG-YIN YOGA with Dr Kamaraj
SATURDAY, SUNDAY, MONDAY 8.30-10.00 (Shankara)

A Fire & Ice morning practice - the first half a dynamic, heating vinyasa flow and the second half a yin and meditative cooling sequence. Kamaraj is a doctor in yoga from MGR Medical University, India and has been practising since 1996. Since 2007 he has divided his year between Kerala and the UK, running Yog Mandala Yoga School & Namasthe Ayurvedic Mission in Varkala and sharing classes and therapies in Bristol and London. Whether you are a complete beginner or advanced yogi, Kamaraj can offer guidance with particular asanas tailored to your specific needs to help restore, revitalise and relax. He also offers Integrated Healing Massage, a therapeutic combination of Thai Yoga, Shiatsu, Reflexology and spiritual healing, working on meridians and chakras to bring balance and relieve stress on physical, mental and emotional levels and is offering one-to-one sessions at the gathering.