Bournemouth Community Kirtan (BCKirtan) is made up of Chandrasen, Ellis and Kali Ma. After all coming to the practice through various traditions, Kali along with visiting Swami and beloved friend Kadmabari Ma brought them together last summer and they've been sharing weekly kirtans ever since. Now they look forward to sharing their love of kirtan with you!

Chandrasen is a devoted student of Rev Padma Devi and a Heart of Living Yoga teacher. He first discovered Kirtan through Integral Yoga Satsangs and after training to teach would bring chanting in to his classes. In January 2014 he attended a Kirtan retreat with Tabla Tom where he began playing the harmonium. Over the last few years he has been assisting Rev Padma in offering Puja and sharing Kirtan through Heart of Living Yoga retreats and teacher trainings. Devotion has been been truly transformational for him and now a blessing to be able to share that with others.

Kali Ma’s journey to Kirtan started in the Himalayas of India where she discovered Puja and found devotion. She became a devotee of the Hindu Goddess Kali Mata and later a Pujari at the Kali Mata Temple. Then it was through the Grace of the teacher Mooji that she attended many Bhajan sessions with his Sangha. The effect and impact that repeating Mantras with a group of people had on her was quite profound and heart opening it led her on her return to UK to find a space and bring together people to delve deeper into the Yogic practice of Bhakti.

Ellis was greatly touched after hearing a Shiva mantra for the first time three years ago, and began to listen to divine chant from there on. With this in his heart, it compelled him to travel India where he encountered his first Kirtan and was drawn back into it when there was a need to set up a group in his local town. Drumming for many years, drawing from a diverse range of styles, he has deepened his practice by focusing it towards God.