Bhakti Heart Kirtan

Bhakti Heart Kirtan (Jimmi and Elaine) regularly share Kirtan in their home and always love being invited to different Yoga studios, events, and festivals to do what they enjoy most: sing Kirtan! It is always such a privilege to create a space where people feel safe and supported to freely express their deepest yearnings and devotion to God/life/love, whatever emotions or experiences that brings up for them, holding nothing back.

One of our greatest joys is hearing the innate beauty of free expression that occurs when people allow themselves to be free and let their voices soar Kirtan has always been an integral part of Jimmi and Elaine's Yoga practice.Quite simply they can't imagine what their lives would be like without Yoga, and they can't imagine what their Yoga practice would be like without Kirtan! We so look forward to being with you at the Beltane Bhakti Gathering!