Nandana Chaitanya

SUNDAY 13.00-14.15 (Shankara)

ARADHANA (“aa-raa-dha-naa”): The Lord, Ishvara, is the creator, sustainer and dissolver of all creation. The Creator-Creation relationship is an inseparable, permanent one, expressing itself in the form of Lord and devotee - usually for a short period when one is in a place of puja or prayer. Let us all discover this fundamental devotee in us. Then alone can I play various roles in life as a devotee all the time. I am devotee-father/mother, devotee-son/daughter and so on. Includes a brief Q&A session.

Nandana Chaitanya moved back to the UK recently, after spending many years in India immersed in the study of Vedic scriptures. She is a traditional teacher, holding classes, leads kirtan, tutors bhajan singers, chants mantras and conducts traditional Hindu Pujas. Her Guru is Pujya ?r? Swami Day?nanda Saraswati, a world-renowned teacher of Advaita Vedanta. Prior to meeting Swamiji, she spent 12 years immersed in Sadhana and Seva at the ashrams of Sri Sathya Sai Baba.