Vandana Dietzel

EXHAAAAAALE with Vandana Dietzel
SATURDAY 13.00-14.30 (Shankara)
MONDAY 8.45-10.15 (Other space)

Feeling a bit off-balance, overwhelmed, lost or alone despite being surrounded by people? Getting cooked in the Bhakti fire can be a deep inner process kicking up a range of emotions and thoughts. This workshop offers the opportunity to take some deliberate space for that process and connect about it away from the kirtan and pujas. Whatever it is you bring into this space, a mix of sharing, breathing and movement will support you to come home to yourself and release - like a long, delicious exhale!

Vandana’s love for and dedication to transformational work comes from the continuous healing of her own disconnection of heart-mind-body. A corporate career burnout prompted her to turn many stones in her inner world, after which she trained and practised extensively in Breathwork Therapy, Family Constellations, Yoga and other modalities in Australia, Europe and Asia. Vandana works as a coach and consultant with companies, non-profits and individuals.