Simon Goodrich & Rose Richardson

RATU BAGUS BIO-ENERGY MEDITATION with Simon Goodrich & Rose Richardson
SATURDAY, SUNDAY, MONDAY 8.00-8.45 (Zorba)

The sessions will start with 15 minutes meditation and then 30 minutes of Ratu Bagus' shaking meditation. The basis of this is to start to feel the chi energy from the ground below, the sky above and begin to be moved by it. Chi energy felt in this way begins to awaken and free the kundalini, creating heat, spontaneous movement and an awakening of the chakras.

Simon has been visiting the ashram of Ratu Bagus in the mountains in Bali for the last 18 years and working closely with him and this practice. Bali is Hindu, with a long tradition of chi gung, energy-based practices and Shamanism. These are very powerful spiritual exercises and he has come to love them. Rose has had a yoga practice for 20 years and has also spent much of the last year at Ratu's ashram in Bali.