Beccy Parker

BIODANZA with Beccy Parker
SATURDAY (Adults) 14.40-16.10 (Zorba)
MONDAY (Family) 9.15-10.15 (Zorba)

Literally “the dance of life”, Biodanza supports profound open-hearted connection between people and also deep intimate connection with ourselves and a sense of unity with Life. It is a system of self-development that uses music, movement and positive feelings to deepen self-awareness.

Beccy Parker is a Biodanza facilitator based in Stroud where she lives with her two daughters. “I have been touched by the biocentric practice in biodanza (where Life is at the centre) as well as inspired by the teachings of nonviolence (Ahimsa) as lived/ taught by Marshall Rosenberg and other great teachers.” She aims, wherever possible, to bring these and other heart-centred teachings into her everyday life and to how she holds the sacred biodanza space.