Tarisha Seligman

ELEMENTAL HEALING - A Beltane Ritual with Tarisha Seligman.

Tarisha will create a Beltane Ritual bringing in the light together with song, sound and intention around the sacred altar of life. We will call on the elements, earth, air, fire and water to inspire us to return to a state of balance, remembering who we are as natural, sensitive, empowered, awakening Beings.

About Tarisha 
Tarisha is a Singing Medicine woman who creates safe and intimate spaces for you to open and receive light and love in harmony with nature, your nature. She is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and creative composer using music for meditation and transformation. Through her experience of healing from breast cancer 6 years ago, she has become a medicine woman, using singing as medicine, developing a natural healing modality called ‘Elemental Healing’.

She is a meditator, mother, and long term founding member of the Osho Leela community in Dorset, balancing being in the world as a musician and healer, with intimate life in the community.

Tarisha is a high priestess of the earth, running groups, ceremonies and healing sessions with nature as her guide. Her passion has always been working with women to support the re-emergence of feminine power and love on the planet. Many of her songs reflect this journey and have been sung all over the world.