Jim Fox


SUNDAY 15.00-16.15 (Zorba) and Jim will also be leading a Kirtan on Sunday evening.

An interactive workshop with Jim Fox.

A lot more than chanting.

A lot more than ritual.

A lot more than words.

What does it really mean to be a practitioner of Bhakti?

Who, or what, is the object of our service and devotion?

Is there such a thing as a “Part-time Yogi”?

Jim Fox’s spiritual journey has led him from spending 7 years as a Minister in a Christian church, through  many years of exploration of various religious teachings, to what he describes as Holistic Spirituality. Jim is an author, inspirational speaker and Kirtan Wallah. www.jimfox.info

“Bhakti Yoga is not just something that we do, it is like breathing, it is our life”.

A musician for many years, performing at venues and festivals throughout the UK and Scandinavia, Jim now shares regular Kirtan sessions in Swansea and has just released a new live double CD, “Namaste”, the profits of which are going to support the work of Skanda Vale Hospice.

The Double CD, "Namaste, Live Kirtan in the Church" is now available from https://www.jimfox.info/namaste-kirtan-cd/  or digital download from https://jimfox.bandcamp.com/releases  All profits go to support the work of Skanda Vale Hospice in West Wales

Latest Book "The End is Insight - A Karmic Life-Journey" is available now from www.jimfox.info

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