Tablatom (Babaji Temple Singers)

Tom started singing kirtan at the Shivananda yoga centre in Putney and with a Hare Krishna band in 1993. In 1996 had the great blessing of meeting Gopal Hari and Ambika from the Babaji band Goma. For many years he toured with them across UK and Europe, and learned that Bhakti practice is about the heart and that music is merely the tool to express devotion to the Highest Self and Guru. Tom’s Guru is Sri Haidakhand Baba who emphasised the practice of mantra and karma yoga (selfless service) as the simple and best way to a meaningful life.

Tom has also been blessed to support kirtan wallahs (mantra singers) and teachers from other other spiritual lineages like Krishna DasCraig Pruess (Heaven on Earth Music), Bhagavan Das, Shiva Rea (Yoga as Conscious Evolution) and many others lovely souls from India and UK. All share the same spirit of humility and endless gratitude to their teachers.