Click For Details We need each other!
Your voice, your friendship, 
your service invoke magic
and miracles. 

3-6 MAY 2019 at Osho Leela
Centre, DORSET

Mission Impossible
How can we keep going when
obstacles can seem 
insurmountable on a personal
or a global level? 

Can we find the strength to
move the mountains that
are needed to resolve the
crises that face us all? 

A first step is to expect disappointment, failure, confusion and death - these are inevitable. If we can relax in the knowledge that none of us is going to 'survive', and that since time began life has constantly been subject to change and uncertainty, we can act from a place of liberation and courage.

Making friends with our fear can lighten our investment in seeking only 'good' outcomes and encourage us to keep going without any guarantee of a positive result.  In so doing, we follow in the footsteps of ordinary souls who behaved extraordinarily. We take inspiration from those women and men who sacrificed so much for a higher purpose, a greater good, many of whom did not live to see the fruits of theirof their labour.  

A second step is to remember that when people behave in harmful ways, they are not so different to us. Instead of being a far away monster to be vanquished, we have a chance to change our 'enemy' through our honesty and self awareness. Instead of riding the high horse of righteousness we can carry the mountain of healing through our humility and courage.

The Bhakti Gathering is inspired by the example of wise beings who demonstrated how to tackle life's challenges in practical and embodied ways. Living together for a few days, there's plenty of opportunity to practice tolerance and patience through simple acts such as sharing a noisy dorm, taking a cold shower, fasting a little.... During our time together, each ordinary action becomes a ritual of thanksgiving, transforming the daily 'grind' into a coming home to our highest selves and to each other.  

Please join us to spend some precious time together. It is possible to experience exquisite joy and expand our capacity for love even in these most challenging of times . . . and through this, to have the courage to act in service and solidarity as change makers.

Beltane Bhakti

Gathering 2017